Professional Services

Professional Services are designed to provide ongoing development to leaders of all levels. Collective Learning and Development have an abundance of training on offer which can be tailored to suit the leadership cohort and needs of your business.

Business Consultation

Business Consultation

We pride ourselves on industry leading quality consultation and support to ensure that personal/professional development opportunities are paramount and that your organisation sees return on your investment. A professional, focused and effective consultation process means that you will get what you need, rather than paying for solutions or services that might sound like what you are after, but add no real value.

We offer an experienced holistic consultative approach within your business. We work closely with our stakeholders to complete a full training needs analysis, unobtrusively immersing ourselves into your operational rhythm.  

From matters of regulatory compliance adherence to full training needs analysis, our consultants can support you to swiftly impact positive change with practical advice stemming from industry experience and granular observation.

Leadership Training

Foundations of Leadership Suite

This course is an introduction into leadership and is designed to get learners thinking about the type of leader they want to be. From getting the basics of talent management and recruitment right, through to managing performance, coaching effectively and conducting those challenging conversations, this workshop underpins the powerful fundamentals that build truly great leadership in competitive and often fast-paced professional environments.

Suitable for team members you have identified for progression to leadership, or for new leaders in your business, our workshops are fully customisable and can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

As an additional benefit, all of the workshop modules within the ‘Foundations of Leadership Suite’ are mapped to Certificate IV Leadership and Management. For information on this nationally recognised qualification please click the button below.

Skills explored

Learning to Leadership

Talent Management Basics

Performance Management

Introduction to Coaching

Introduction to Facilitation

Business Etiquette

Problem Solving and Decision

Negotiation Skills

Dealing with Difficult Customers

Communication Skills

Understanding and Assessing Culture

Meeting WHS legislative requirements

Evolving Leaders

We all know that leadership plays a crucial role in ongoing success and in sustainable behavioural practices. Designed to build the capability of leaders already within your business, and suitable for anywhere between middle to executive management levels, our comprehensive leadership development program ‘Transform to Perform - The Art of Mindful Leadership’ leverages from, rather than dismissing, previous leadership experience.

Focusing on innovation and practical development of capability within your workplace, your leaders will gain networking and collaboration strategies to build and influence pivotal relationships, self-development strategies to address identified gaps in their own leadership capability, problem solving strategies to address organisational imperatives, engagement strategies to ensure effective collaboration, and negotiation strategies to influence outcomes and build productive working relationships.

Our workshops are fully customisable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

As an additional benefit, completion of various modules within the Foundations of Leadership suite are mapped to Certificate IV Leadership and Management and will receive a Statement of Attainment to go towards this nationally recognised qualification.

Skills explored

Leadership Styles

Stress Management and Resilience

Advanced Coaching

Career Management

Time Management

Influence and Persuasion

Aligning Group Culture

Team Leadership

Sales Management

Self-Awareness and Self-Assessment

Project Management

Managing Change

Managing Conflict as a Leader

Leading team effectiveness

Promoting Innovation

Continuous Improvement

Meeting WHS legislative requirements

Advanced Negotiation Skills

Executive Development

Specialist Accredited Services

As we know, great leadership is built on the foundation of communication excellence. Our Specialist Accredited Services workshops develop leaders through emotional intelligence, behavioural profiling, conflict management and solution focussed conversations. Authentic conversations are important in identifying and improving communication through powerful self-awareness and self-regulation.

Flexible enough to be added to either of our leadership suites, or able to be tailored to your specific requirements as a standalone package, our Specialist Accredited Services focus on bringing leaders together from all areas of the business to collaborate throughout the program. The idea of sharing knowledge through learning as a cohort allows opportunity for leaders to identify shared vision, ideas and enhancements that are proven to strategically develop the overall wider business and create a stronger culture by promoting innovation and thought leadership.

Skills explored



Five Behaviours

Emotional Intelligence

Debt Collection

Debt Collection Courses

Debt collection and overdue account conversations require critical elements for successful outcomes. We know that the debt collection landscape has undergone an incredible transformation over the last decade, changing from the traditional ‘issue and demand’ style of interaction, to a more holistic approach of partnering with clients in order to guide them back to a place of financial stability. Our vast library of debt collection content can be adapted to create a tailored workshop specifically to your business.

Skills explored

Business Etiquette

Problem Solving and Decision

Negotiation Skills

Dealing with Difficult Customers

Communication Skills

Cross-cultural Communication

Understanding and Assessing Culture

Preparing and Maintaining Financial Reports

Effective Dispute Resolution

Hardship Identification and Resolution

Excellent as supplementary menu for our Debt Collection suite, or as standalone modules tailored to your workplace’s specific needs, our Hardship Identification and Resolution courses teach learners how to identify hardship and ensure that correct action is taken constructively and with effective empathy.

Skills explored

Identifying Hardship

Different Types of Hardship

Hardship Legislation

Cross-cultural Communication

Personal Obligations

Managing Sensitive Issues