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Free - Resources and Hardship through COVID-19 workshop
Topics include

Collective Learning is delighted to offer complimentary webinar sessions to our Government and Regional Council clients to assist their frontline staff in providing additional support to customers, clients and community during this Global Crisis.

Topics explored

Who are the ACCC and what do they do?

Who are ASIC and what do they do?

Moneysmart resources for families, friends, clients and community during COVID-19.


Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
Topics include

Learners will understand basic Emotional Intelligence principles and will identify their own key driving Values and Beliefs. They will also understand how to improve their Self-Awareness and will discover practical strategies to manage self and practice resilience.

Skills explored

Overview of Emotional Intelligence


The importance of Self-Awareness

Values and Beliefs Exercise

Responses and Reactions

Introduction to Plutchik’s Emotions

Increasing our Self-Awareness

Time Management
Topics include

Learners will evaluate how they manage their days and identify habits that are contributing to lost time and productivity in the workplace. They will identify how to manage their time and implement strategies to assist their teams. They will also be able to competently prioritise their schedules to ensure they are maximising effectiveness in the workplace.

Skills explored

You Currently Manage Time?

Identifying Time Bandits

Planning and Delegating Effectively

Important vs Urgent

Prioritising for success

Action Planning to Maximise Outcomes

Implementing and Embedding in the Workplace

Managing Conflict
Topics include

This course will provide learners with the theory and practice to improve their conflict management skills in critical work-related areas. The course not only helps learners identify conflict, but to understand the how of dealing with and resolving it. Learners will also gain practical strategies to effectively respond to and manage conflict.

Skills explored

What is conflict?

The Elements

The Levels

The Causes

Responding to Conflict

Resolving the Conflict

Thomas-Kilmann Instrument

When to use different styles

Action Planning

Managing Difficult Customers
Topics include

Complimented by our ‘Managing Conflict’ workshop but not requiring it as a pre-requisite - this workshop focuses on practical and easily implementable skills to help learners build both capability and resilience in dealing with and resolving customer aggression.

Skills explored

Causes of Aggression

Circle of Control/Circle of Influence

Escalation Stages of Aggression

De-Escalation Techniques

Effective Communication Skills and Techniques

Hardship Resources

DiSC Workshop
Topics include

The DiSC assessment is a nonjudgmental tool used to assist learners to understand peoples behavioural differences. Within the DiSC program, learners will be asked to complete a series of questions that produce a detailed report about their behaviours. Learners will also receive practical skills and tips for working with peers of other styles.

Skills explored

What is DiSC?

Discovering Your DiSC style

Understanding Other Styles

Building More Effective

Workplace Relationships

DiSC in action and reflection – What next?

Mindful Leadership
Topics include

With Emotional Intelligence as a Pre-requisite course, this workshop focuses on understanding Leadership Styles and how to lead professional peers. Learners will gain the ‘how’ of Mindful Leadership through engaging staff, setting expectations and motivating people for success.

Skills explored

Leadership Styles

Leadership Attributes

Better Outcomes

Social Management

The Success Cycle

Evaluating Self and Team

The Neuroanatomy of Emotions

Workplace Expectations

Delivering Business Results

Advancing Emotional Intelligence
Topics include

Following on from Introduction to Emotional Intelligence this workshop explores the more critical aspects of interpreting emotions whilst identifying practical solutions that will strengthen professional relationships on multiple levels.

Skills explored

Exploring Action Tendencies

The Neuroanatomy of Emotions

Use of Emotion to Facilitate


Mastering Emotions
Topics include

This two-part breakthrough workshop leverages from the learnings in Introduction to Emotional Intelligence and Advancing Emotional Intelligence, completing a three-part program to engage learners in an immersive and experiential deep dive through mastering emotions in a challenging world of professional landscapes. Step up and stand out from your professional peers through this innovative and powerful approach to Leadership Beyond Mindfulness.

Skills explored

Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions

Travis Bradbury 2.0

Positive Psychology

Driscoll’s Model

Hugo Alberts PHD

Extracting Needs from Emotions