Bespoke Training

Our learning solutions aim to help develop talent, build skills, knowledge and capability and help support growth of your organisation. Focusing on Adult Learning Principles, we create customised, engaging workshops that speak to all types of learners.

Custom Learning and Development
About Us
Collective Learning and Development provides tailored training, development and capability building solutions to Australian Business, Local, Regional Council and Australian Government Sectors, Financial Services Industry and Private Enterprise for over 10 years.
Specialising in Leadership and Management, Debt Recovery, Financial Services and Customer Service Industry, our organisation prides itself on years of experience and knowledge shared by Parent Company - Collection House Group Ltd.
Our Consultative Approach

When we customise our training plans, we prioritise understanding the challenges and successes that your teams face when dealing with their customers and successfully closing customer conversations. In addition to the demographics of teams we also carefully consider tenure, experience, emotional intelligence, values and customer approach, because all of these elements can help connect your team to the training objectives. This is our primary goal.

The use of 'ADKAR Change Management Methodology' by Prosci enables Collective Learning and Development to identify the key factors that bring training to life. Through this consultative appraoch within your business, we can ensure that all attendees feel supported no matter what stage of their career they are at; walking away with more capability and increased knowledge due to the relevance and the quality of the training they have received.

Throughout the consultation process, we work closely with our stakeholders to complete a full training needs analysis, unobtrusively immersing ourselves into your operational rhythm. We formulate a storyboard for approval that outlines learning objectives, expected outcomes and the flow of the workshop. Once the outline of the workshop is approved, the principles we use to create the learning materials is founded on Bernice McCarthy's 4Mat Methodology. This ensures that all learning types are catered for so that our training full engages them within the learning journey from concept through to action and 'real-world' implementation.

Our Pricing

We recognize that every business is different, thus the complexity of learning/professional business solutions can vary vastly. While our standard pricing list is available upon request, we are always happy to negotiate a pricing package that is acceptable to all parties. Reach out to us to discuss your needs via the ‘get in touch’ button.

Face to Face Workshops

We offer a wide range of face to face workshops ranging from professional development and leadership training, through to industry-centric and ‘soft-skills’ content such as problem solving and decision making, effective communication, debt collection and hardship resolution. Dynamic and engaging, and showcasing the latest adult learning methodologies delivered by qualified and experienced facilitators, we can tailor our workshops to suit the needs of your business. In the event you don’t find exactly what you are looking for on our ‘Professional Services’ page, please reach out to us via the button below so that we can look at building you a bespoke solution.


Adopting a consultative approach, and showcasing the latest in online learning development software, we can design bespoke eLearning solutions that adhere to legal and regulatory compliance whilst leveraging from your business’s specific policies and procedures. Contact us to discuss a cost effective eLearning solution for your business, or browse through our eLearning catalogue of modules we have already built for existing clients… any of which can be adapted and tailored to your needs.

PowerPoint Materials

With a qualified learning designer on staff, we can build engaging and impactful PowerPoint presentations. Tailored to suit your specific requirements, these bespoke solutions apply adult learning principles to ensure your audience is never lost in ‘PowerPoint Purgatory’. We will help your presentations to stand out from the crowd by applying a professional polish while saving you valuable time and effort in the creation of these resources. Please reach out to us via the button below.

Your Training for Your People

Whether you need to acquire a package of resources to support your internal inductions or progression programs, or a series of templates that you can use to download ongoing procedural or policy updates across your business, we can create the bespoke delivery materials that suit your needs. From facilitation and delivery guides, to participant workbooks and supplementary activities and presentations, our consultative approach will mean you always get exactly what you need. For a recent example of a bespoke learning solution built for one of our clients, click the ‘learn more’ button below. Contact us to discuss your training for your people in further detail.